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From the first percussive switch a few moments into “Ikon”, the first track off of Bionik’s new Release Sonik Boom’, it is clear that this is no ordinary Trap album.  Taking tired Trap tropes and repeatedly standing them on their head is the name of Bionik’s game here, as he seems to take delight in  continually setting and promptly destroying sonic expectations and rhythmic predictability. Relentless mutated tuned kicks carve out a foundation over which we are treated to a multitude of grooves, funks, bounces, chills, and booty shaking bangers.  Many of the tracks on this album hint at a double time jitter lying underneath the surface of the rolling sub bass, which keeps its more minimal moments full of energy and movement.   The tracks on this release would be well suited on many different dance floors,  each seeming to boast a complex pedigree of musical influences.  From the feel good funky cuts of “Krank It’ to the unbridled rhythmic tribal playground madness of “Volkano”, Bionik manages to tap into an impressive multitude of different  vibes.  The meticulously produced dance floor killer “Hysterical” verges on the maniacally (and delightfully!) creepy, while the albums title track “Sonik Boom” juxtaposes ethereal  feel good synths against a fierce trap banger. The album’s terminal track, “Dark horse”  seems to be Bionik telling us that we haven’t seen anything yet, as he breaks into a percussive dissertation of all manner of madness and movement.

‘Sonik Boom’ is an exciting journey into the future of big bass sound, representing Bionik’s dedication to giving crowds the builds and drops they’ve come to crave with a fresh and innovative infusion of masterful production and varied sonic influences.  Keeping ever busy, Bionik has just finished up the production for legendary MC Aceyalone’s upcoming album ‘Action’ that will be coming out next month.

If all that isn’t exciting enough, it is our pleasure here at All The Machines to offer a special version of “Ikon” off of Sonik Boom as our very first exclusive free download!  

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