SOOHAN gives away a rare “hidden track”

SOOHAN gives away a rare “hidden track”

Just a day after we dropped our interview with SOOHAN, this morning SOOHAN released a “hidden track” from his new album; Volume Twohan. Noting that the track was not ever going to be available on SoundCloud, SOOHAN casually posted a download link to the “hidden track” on his facebook page today.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 11.30.38 AM

Did you read that facebook status I screen capped above? A SOOHAN remix of ‘Within You Without You’! I suggest you head over to SOOHAN‘s artist page on facebook right away, scroll down to find the link, and download the track while you can. There’s a good chance this may be the only time you can get it.

You can follow SOOHAN on facebook || SoundCloud

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