Spaceship Earth – Interdimensional Passport

“Journey with us now… through the mysteries of your world.” proclaims the calm, soothing, seductive voice introduction of the first track as Various middle-eastern instruments and drums announce something epic approaching thru the down-tempo, meditative beat.  Something like… a guitar solo?

Yes, a lone guitar wails into the mix and in fact, runs throughout the entire album as the sort of ‘voice’ of the compositions.  Compositions ranging from Reggae to Dub to Glitch Hop to Drumstep  and all in between.  Each time, just before the moody guitar runs the risk of going on too long and sounding like a remake of Pink Floyd, or  Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain”,  large & powerful textured synths drop in suddenly to remind you that you are indeed listening to bass music.  Diverse slowed vocal samples and effects drop in here and there for texture and add a nice Dj Spooky-esque feel to it all. Eastern instruments abound which also add to the ‘Mystique’ and somewhat exotic feel of the sound.  The exclusive  free download is one of these and also one of my favorite tracks.

All in all, great work.  It does what it sets out to do.  It puts you in a ‘squishy’ meditative, contemplative state, way out there in space where the rest of the world can’t find you, and a psychedelic experience seems appropriate.   The tracks all fit together coherently as a whole statement and its a pleasure to listen all the way through. There are several tasty treats interwoven throughout as the tracks occasionally breakdown into heavy, chunky, nasty beats and bass.

Production -wise, I’d like to hear a variety of guitar tones, since there is so much of it, to contrast and add texture.  Like maybe introducing a Hendrix-style overly-distorted vintage fuzz face, or a bassy blues Cream-like sound to add to the psychedelic feel.  As an instrumentalist I totally understand that feeling when you find your “sound”, but in the context of electronic music, I feel it can be limiting.  But this is a picky detail on my part, of course.

I also don’t know if I agree with the “Science, Art & the human mind have reached new levels, bringing us into a more harmonious relationship with the planet and all its inhabitants”, but that’s not really important.  The album’s message comes through loud & clear and the music allows one the time and space to consider it.  It is truly a well-arranged, well composed multi-genre treat for the whole family.

Check out the exclusive free download for All the Machines here and take a psychedelic ride on a simultaneously familiar & foreign space machine,  flying through outer-space at 67,000 mph.


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