The Ethereal World of Tipper’s ‘Fathoms’

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At first listen, I felt it quite necessary to discuss technique before sensual experience.  To this day, Tipper continues to have the cleanest of mixes – clarity simply illuminates. Each layer, sound, and musical note are in a pure state of balance. Each being heard properly and crafted with its own unique code of DNA, never getting lost in the undertow that mixing a record has the ability to create.  Tipper’s impeccable technique in sound design and incomparable attention to detail are present within and throughout each song.


Fathoms, from a sensual perspective, reminds me of the endless landscapes of Iceland; one could venture out and find themselves lost in it, sailing through auroras of harmonics, forgetting reality completely.  Crystalised soundscapes beckon you to indulge in foreign realms deep within the oceans of sound.  Within mere moments, I was in a hypnotic state of lysergic fantasy.


“Sorus” opens the EP with an enchanting wave of soft melodies and echoes, inviting you into a liquid auditory dream.  With a romantic groove, the warmth of a thick molasses bass and layers of delicate melodies, one cannot help but be seduced into continuing this journey into Tipper’s realm.


As you slip into “Peripherals”, Tipper’s signature sense of symphonic eeriness emerges, cultivated by foreign sounds.  A delicate dance of slightly disturbing synths and exotic instrumentation, you feel an undeniable lure that leads you into the beautifully strange, submerged world of “Ambergris”.  Lush underwater sounding acoustics and crackling bubbles, similar to that of the entry of the tryptamine palace, portray that of an audible composition of sonoluminescence.


The playful, light hearted loveliness that follows in “Deep Sixing” brings one to a place of anamnesis.  Guitar-like instrumentation continuing with ambient pads and a slight piano, gently indulge the senses into a state of pure sweetness. This, however, is just a moment.  You are then warped into a brilliant and unexpected driving IDM jungle segment, allowing you to be present once again.


The final piece to this outer-worldly experience, “Trenched”, begins with haunting soundscapes, low waves of tonal breaths, and tiny crackles reminiscent of the palace. Phantom-esque synths ignite the auditory canals with wonder and Pythagorean thought, reminding us that there is more unknown than known.

Tipper’s Fathoms is a phenomenal composition of auditory bliss.  One not to be taken lightly, but to allow oneself to be taken…

Fathoms can be purchased via Bandcamp, Beatport, or Addictech.

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