The Hauntingly Beautiful Realm of Lux Moderna

Woven within the intense masculinity that has dominated the electronic music industry are a pack of ferocious ladies that raise the bar musically, intellectually, and gracefully, in perfect feminine form.  These ladies are not the haters, they are not the argumentative aggressors – they are the ones who know the true power of their internal and external beauty.  These are the ones who take this power and use it to illuminate the balance that exists between male and female, the ones who empower each other through their talents and through their communities of all genders.  These are the ones who are the inspiration for up and coming female producers and DJs; the highly spiritual yet grounded and logical women who focus on positivity while recognizing the need for change.  The ones who focus and understand the power of unity.

One particular female artist that shows this fiercely gorgeous spirit, as well as one of my truest inspirations to crossover from classical musician to EDM producer, is the lovely Lux Moderna.  Lux embodies an ever so delicate grace while radiating an immense feminine strength.  With a diverse background in neuroscience, psychology, esotericism, spirituality and healing, these practices are interwoven with her unique musical works and omnipotent spiritual offerings which leave audiences spellbound and enchanted.

One can find themselves delving within the layers of their subconscious, seeking out the paths they truly desire from the first few bars of “Medicine” off of her EP, Sacred Heart, that debuted a couple of years back.  Sacred Heart is a powerful force of nature that offers a magnificent wave of feminine empowerment through sexy bass, dark glitches, and hypnotizing vocals.   Lux’s second EP, Black Sun, offers a softer yet deeper journey with a more technical approach into the vast outer dimensions of the microcosms of her mind.  Her third EP (co-produced by the impeccably talented Dubvirus), Opening the Pentagram, can be described simply as pure meditative bliss.  Appropriately categorized as “yoga music”, Opening the Pentagram is the accompaniment to the rhythms of your own breath.  It is the score to the way our blood flows, our lungs breathe, our nerves activate, and blends with a pure tonic to calm the mind and allow it to be aware of our physical being.  It is the guide for the balance we so desperately seek.

Although Lux’s work ranges in the genre of temple bass, I feel she pushes boundaries far enough to be considered experimental, fairing the same grounds and holding the same musically innovative and powerfully feminine stigma as Zoe Keating and Tori Amos.  Her website and Soundcloud are rich with hauntingly beautiful sounds that I have not mentioned and yet urge you to indulge in.

Within Lux Moderna’s music you are lured through her feminine magic to a place that leaves you understanding that true power, true divine understanding has no gender, but a pure balance of the scientific and the spiritual.  Lux’s ability to harness a fire and a beauty that is uniquely hers has made her the electronic music feminine icon that this industry, this scene, so desperately desires and highly respects.

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