Unlimited Gravity releases ‘Event Horizon’ EP for FREE!

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Let’s see, it was about four years ago when Ronnie Weberg AKA Unlimited Gravity first caught my attention with songs like Circus Fire and Mythical Reality. Circus Fire, a timely and catchy little glitch hop number, and Mythical Reality really anchored in my love for this dude’s music as I am kind of a huge fan of piano accompanied electronic music. From this point on I’ve been a fan. So it makes me excited to see him putting out a new album titled ‘Event Horizon‘ now available on 1320 records FOR FREE!!! 

I have mad respect for any artist out there that puts endless hours into their craft and then gives it away. It really takes time, dedication and love of the craft to make this kind of offering to the public. And so i,m here to give some love back to an artist who deserves some. So thank you Unlimited Gravity and thank you 1320 records for being that vehicle that supports the artists you do. Now back to the task at hand. Let’s look at this piece of work from Mr. Weberg.  Over the years I wouldn’t say that his style has changed much, so he is pretty reliable in that effect. I would, however, say his game is refined and the production quality is dialed. Not that it wasn’t before. It’s the subtle stuff I am noticing; the parts are more syncopated or possibly just slathered with a sensitivity to space that a seasoned pro realizes as they mature. With that said I’ll say this is Unlimited’s most mature body of work to date, offering the listener a leveled up refinement. The space created in the track “Lovely Time” is beyond dope! Offering  proud horns, gnarly bass wobbles, and slinky sexy keys. Most of the tunes on this release are big floor, epic, glitched out bangers. “Neck Check” may be my favorite – for those of you out there who like that kind of vibe, this is a win! Honestly, you can lose my attention really quickly with this kind of sound if it’s done without a sense of class, and I would stamp this one with that exact sentiment (Classy). Keep it classy Mr. Weberg and thanks for the free chunes.

A quote from Unlimited’s facebooks:

“I wish I could explain all of the emotions that go along with something like this. As an artist, I feel like when I release something to the world that I’ve undoubtedly devoted all of my love, creativity, energy, and attention into, I feel vulnerable+Ecstatic. I’m happy to say I gave this album everything I had, and am already started on my next big project” 

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