Up & Coming: Mister Boyfriend – ‘A Long Walk on the Beats’

Chillage Records – the label that brought us one of my favorites, Devin KroesThrough the Window, present us with Mister Boyfriend’s debut and pay what you want release, A Long Walk on the Beats.  A three track EP of upbeat, glitch hop grooves with intelligently placed, spaced out effects.  A Long Walk on the Beats is filled with enough New Wave influenced energy to move a dance floor while maintaining just enough oddness to take you on your own interstellar journey.

‘Closing the Deal’ opens the EP with beautiful harmonies and an almost melancholic melody before enveloping you with growly synths, a super bouncy groove and funky rhythm section.  ‘Little Misbehavior’, another harmonious gem with lovely melodies, contrasts with sharp metallic synths, and otherworldly lasers, keeping your mind in the stars and your body entranced in that ever contagious groove. The title track “A Long Walk on the Beats” has a bit of a darker timbre with large waves of those growly synths, symphonic pads, guitar instrumentation, and a much headier melody making this track the perfect way to close the EP.  All in all, I think what I appreciate the most about A Long Walk on the Beats, aside from its technical makeup, is the ability to keep your body moving while still holding you emotionally connected.  A gorgeous blend of the physical ride and the mental wave.


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