Up & Coming: Scatz and Wump Collective

Up & Coming is a brand new section on All The Machines intended to support the community of producers and record labels who are new to the scene and trying to get their name out. You may not have heard of the artists featured here yet, but we think you ought to. Your ears deserve to hear something new.


Our first featured music makers in Up & Coming are Scatz and the new label Wump Collective. Hailing from the bass haven that is Colorado, Wump Collective is, in their own words,

“a collective of musicians, artists and creative minds. We represent original, forward-thinking art, integrity and purposefulness.”

The label’s first offering is the As Above, So Below EP from east coast producer Scatz. The first time I heard Scatz was when Wump Collective dropped one of his tracks into our submissions box. That track was ‘Steely Jack Danielson’s Back’, and something about it caught my ear. It was the glitch hop style mixed with a clear appreciation for psychedelia. It was also the way the vocal sample took me back to my childhood. Steely Dan’s ‘Do It Again’ was one of my Dad’s favorites, and it provides the vocal rifts for Scatz‘s track. I would have loved it if the track played on the nostalgic sample more by leaving it at its original pitch, but I still appreciated hearing it in the track. I never thought I’d hear Steely Dan make its was into Glitch Hop. Scatz clearly has an appreciation for great music when he chooses his samples.

Based on the first track I head, I asked Wump Collective to send me the whole EP. So they did. And now you can hear it too, right here in our shiny new Up & Coming section.

You can name your price for As above, So Below on Wump Collective‘s bandcamp.

You can follow Scatz on soundcloud

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